Brief Profile

The collector

Jens Scheele was born in Niendorf on the Baltic Sea in February 1945. He worked as standardisation enginieer for several large and well known German companies. Today Jens Scheele is retired. He lives in Düsseldorf. He visits auctions, collectors bourses and flee markets to complete his collections. Jens Scheele did even more: He travelled to the countries and searched there for new additions to his collections. He also used the meticulousness of his job for his scripophily collections. He noticed in his lists all companies as soon as he noticed, that this copanies issued stocks or bonds. He listed issues, regardless if the items are in the market available or not. This gave him a good overview how complete his collections are.

The collection

Jens Scheele discovered 613 issuers (for bonds every issue is one issuer) of stocks and bonds from morocco during all the years. There are 488 companies which issued shares and there are 125 different bond issues. The collection contains 453 different issuers. This means a cover rate of about 74 per cent! This is very incredible, because many items were offered only one time and have gone to museums, archives or in other colle- ctions. 59 of the 453 issuers are foreign issues from Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Switzerland. Furthermore this number of certificates contains those from Tanger, which became part of Morocco in 1956. The best benchmark for this collection is the book „le maroc en scripophilie“ from Marc-Edouard Enay, published in 2004. This great book contains 400 different certificates issued by 272 issuers. 224 issuers, which corresponds to 82.4 per cent, are in the collection of Jens Scheele. Furthermore, the collection contains stocks and bonds from 229 issuers, which were not mentioned in the book. This comparison underlines clearly the high quality of the collection! 

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